Microscale sensor solution for data collection from fibre-matrix interfaces

Especially the applications of fibrous composites in miniature products, dental and other medical applications require accurate data of microscale mechanics. The characterization of adhesion between single filament and picoliter-scale polymer matrix usually relies on the experiments using so-called microbond (MB) testing. In this paper, a monolithic compliant based structure with an integrated Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor is developed and analysed. The developed strain-sensing CBPM-FBG holder shows excellent sensitivity during the MB tests for both synthetic and natural filaments, even at a low filament diameters as low as 7μm, making the monolithic compliant structure the first instrument capable of force-strain data output for bonded filament-droplet specimens.

"For the first time ever, force-filament strain data was systematically collected for droplet-filament specimens at a sampling rate of ≥50Hz when the integral FBG-CBPM specimen holder was operated in the Fibrobond MB tester; three different material systems were analyzed. FEA of the MB testing with glass filaments and epoxy droplets enabled fitting and exact interfacial CZM-based debond model and frictional sliding with a friction coefficient of 0.35." (Royson et al. 2021)

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