Microbond testing

Micromechanical characterization

Technical fibres, such as carbon and recycled carbon, can be measured for micromechanical characterization. Our focus is on single fibre tests, where a large number of measurements are required for statistical reliability. These types of experiments are often avoided, as manual handling of single fibres or filaments is painstakingly difficult. With FIBrobotics, typically lengthy testing process can be dramatically reduced in terms of time and resources.

FIBROBond uses a slightly modified version of the original Microbond method by B. Miller, P. Muri and L. Rebenfeld (1987). The main difference is that instead of pulling the fibre, FIBROBond pulls the droplet.

First we glue the single filaments to frames. Then we use FIBRODrop with our patented sample preparation method to deposit scores of droplets onto the filaments.  Before testing, the samples are cured according to the matrix´s datasheet and then measured with FIBROBond. 

We offer fast measurement services for microbond testing. We only need 30 cm of your tow or roving and a small amount of resin(s), and you will get your results in a few weeks.

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If you are hesitant if your case is suitable for microbond measurements, check our use cases for inspiration and ideas for testing.

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