Fibrobotics Oy
Korkeakoulunkatu 1
33720 Tampere

Olli Tanhuanpää
+358 40 565 8619

Markus Kakkonen

Mathias von Essen
Senior Tech Advisor

We are FIBRobotics

Expertise from material science, machine design, robotics and automation. Our team originated from the Department of Automation Science and Engineering at Tampere University of Technology, where Micro- and Nanosystem Research Group, led by professor Pasi Kallio had been developing microrobotics-based mechanical characterization of pulp fibres since 2009.

Handling of single pulp fibres had turned out to be extremely challenging due to the fibre dimensions and heterogeneity of the samples. In order to tackle these challenges, the group developed a platform that was able to grasp and manipulate the fibres with robotic manipulators.

The idea of using microrobotics to study fibre reinforced materials (especially the fibre-matrix interface) was developed by Mathias von Essen, asst. prof. Essi Sarlin, prof. Pasi Kallio and prof. Jyrki Vuorinen.

FIBRobot  was presented in JEC World 2016, where it received positive feedback. Measurements performed with FIBRobot have been published in SAMPE Europe Conference 2016 and ECCM17.

We believe that the sample manufacturing method is a game changer in development of high throughput IFSS measurements and have filed an international patent application to protect the method.

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