FIBRObond Device

Automated high-throughput microbond tester for interfacial shear strength

We strive to design and manufacture testing systems to conduct the most efficient, real-time technical fibre testing with high throughput. FIBRobotics facilitates single fibre testing by means of robotics and automation.

FIBRObond is an instrument for measurement of the fibre-matrix interfacial shear strength (IFSS). Currently FIBRObond can perform approximately 100 measurements per hour.

Fibres CF, GF, basalt, aramid, flax
Matrixes EP, VE, PP, PA, PC, PEI, PEEK, PE
Fibre diameter 4 to 100 um
Force cell range 0,1 N to 400N
Optical magnification 10x, 20x or 40x
Sample holders Plastic or metal
Special features Computer vision, blade positioning, teleoperated
The interfacial shear strength is measured from a sample, where small amount of resin is deposited in droplet shape on top of a fibre.
The measurement is performed by holding the droplet static with a micro vise while the droplet is sheared off from the fibre.
During the process, the force applied on the fibre is recorded.

Scale as competitive advantage

Manufacturing or acquisition of good samples is one of the most challenging aspects in many micromechanical characterization tasks. In order to avoid running out of samples, we have developed our own stand-alone sample manufacturing unit.

FIBROdrop sample manufacturing system is used for deposition of droplets on single fibre with high-throughput. Our current device is capable of depositing several hundreds of droplets per hour and the droplet size can be accurately controlled. It is suitable for most of the thermoset resins e.g. epoxies, vinylesters, silicones and urethanes. FIBROdrop has also been tested with thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEI, PC, PP and HDPE.

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