Short fibre characterization and manipulation platform

Custom design and build platforms for manipulation and handling small object (<2 mm in length)

Platforms consist of manipulators, sensors, optics to characterize samples.

Platform is designed for mechanical short fibre testing. This unique system can perform optical tomography (OPT), characterization of micro fibril-angle, 3-point bending and tensile/compression testing in a controlled environment.

System is especially designed for pulp fibres, but it works reliably with other materials also.

DOF manipulators, tensile, bending, buckling testing ,MFA measurement, OPT, humidity and temperature control.
System is tele-operated via gamepad or spacemouse. The software runs in ROS (robot operating system).
Manipulator with upto 6-DOF (XYZ, pitch, rotation, grasping). One of the manipulators is installed with force cell. Other is active with tensile causing actuator.
Platform with two 6DOF manipulators.
Platform with two 6DOF manipulators.
Surface render of pulp fibre from OPT reconstruction.
Surface render of pulp fibre from OPT reconstruction.
TopLeft 0 degree, topright 45 degree, lowerleft 90 degree, lowerright 135 degree polarization images of pulp fibre. Each image is capture from same moment of time. Click image to enlarge.
DOF of short fibre characterization platform
Manipulation process to pickup single pulp fibre
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