Know your every fibre.

Characterize materials with quick fibre testing

Assure quality in production with the FIBrobotics measurement unit. Microbond tests are fast, automated and save both time and money. The functionality of the measurement unit is scientifically validated.

In everyday R&D, you can:

  • Increase the value of your product by characterizing composite materials
  • Gain competitive advantage by using the most suitable materials in the production
  • Measure aging effects and reduce potential callbacks
  • Compare available materials fast and efficiently

We offer measurements as a service or if you want to do them by yourself we sell the measurement devices as well.

Economics of micro scale for shear strength testing:

Faster than any other method.
Less material is needed – only a single fibre.
High amount of droplets tested ensures reliable results.

Our Customers

All the results with a single fibre

Single fibre testing is recognized as the most reliable and unambiguous means of characterising fibres and filaments.

FIBrobotics produces micromechanical characterization for fibre and fibre reinforced materials. Our microbond measurement results are real-time and with high throughput.

The test reports with excellent R2 linear results are scientifically proven and globally accepted by technical universities and researchers.

Industrial efficiency for various application fields

The results from our microbond testing are used in e.g. airplanes, windmills, car industry and in various manufacturing operations, where the selection of correct materials for production from the warehouse stocks is crucial because of potential material aging.

The measurements are also used to test the quality of e.g. recycled carbon fibres and in other quality control tests and in R&D process.

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