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Why measure in microscale?

If you were interested in the shear properties of a composite structure, you would measure them conventionally on a laminate scale. Applicable tests would be e.g., short beam shear, v-notch shear or ±45° tension shear tests. Each of these tests requires a unique sample and usually additional sensors e.g., strain gauges or digital image correlation […]

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Cooperation with European Space Agency - ESA

Fibrobotics is honored to be one of the 6 companies that were admitted into the European Space Agency - ESA - Business Incubator program this summer. These startups will receive funding from ESA-BIC and Business Finland, and will receive support from ESA-BIC and Aalto Startup Center.

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Microscale sensor solution for data collection from fibre-matrix interfaces

In this paper, a monolithic compliant based structure with an integrated Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor is developed and analysed.

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