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3d imaging with FIBROOpt

Let's say you have a small object and would like to know more about its shape than what a 2D image can tell you. Suitable methods for 3D imaging such samples are, e.g., microCT, nanoCT, laser profilometer, MRI, and OPT. Most of these techniques require expensive devices and might only be suitable for some sample […]

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Why measure in microscale?

If you were interested in the shear properties of a composite structure, you would measure them conventionally on a laminate scale. Applicable tests would be e.g., short beam shear, v-notch shear or ±45° tension shear tests. Each of these tests requires a unique sample and usually additional sensors e.g., strain gauges or digital image correlation […]

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Cooperation with European Space Agency - ESA

Fibrobotics is honored to be one of the 6 companies that were admitted into the European Space Agency - ESA - Business Incubator program this summer. These startups will receive funding from ESA-BIC and Business Finland, and will receive support from ESA-BIC and Aalto Startup Center.

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Microscale sensor solution for data collection from fibre-matrix interfaces

In this paper, a monolithic compliant based structure with an integrated Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor is developed and analysed.

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